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Garador Mk3C Cables - Fitting Instructions

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1 Remove plastic cover from the spring unit box by sliding to one side. Remove any pieces of broken cable.

2 a)

Insert one end of the new cable over the pulley wheel mounted in the link arm bracket. Place a stout screwdriver through the eye of the cable. As shown.


b) Thread the other end of the cable downwards and around the pulley wheel at the end of the spring. Finally fasten eye over the hook mounted on the spring box. N.B. This last operation begins the tensioning of the spring.

3 Replace plastic cover sliding it to a central position.

4 Pull cable downwards until the spring retaining bracket can be located in the socket at the back of the spring unit

5 Pass free end of the cable downward inside guide channel behind link arm. Finally attach eye at the end of the cable to hook on the spindle roller.

6 Take up slack wire by pulling cable across the door in the direction of the arrow. Ensure that the cable is snugly bedded in the grooves of both pulley wheels. Pull the cable until the retaining bracket at the end of the spring is released from its socket (it is recommended that a piece of cloth is used between the cable and hand). Some assistance may be required using the free hand to lightly pull the retaining bracket clear of its socket should it not completely release. When the retaining bracket has released allow the spring to gently take up the slack wire.

Warning it is important that this instruction is followed correctly as damage to the cable or loss of pretension could occur.

7 Lubricate inside of guide channels, cable latch and all other moving parts. To ensure continued ease of operation lubricate periodically.

Please Note: All work is undertaken at your own risk.

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